Top 3 Tips for Generating Leads on Facebook

Generate Leads on Facebook


What? Facebook is no longer a platform for spying on your ex. It’s a legit lead generation tool for B2B marketers.

So what? B2B marketers must pay more attention to Facebook and its powerful ads. Why? Because many of your potential customers browse Facebook on a daily basis (but how many of them watch funny cat videos on LinkedIn?).  

Now what? Here are 3 leading tips to help your agency generate more leads on Facebook.

All marketing professionals are aware that Facebook is great for more than just scrolling. In fact, it’s a great platform that allows you to connect with your customers and stay ahead of the latest trends. Unfortunately, generating more leads takes more work than simply setting up a page and posting content. Check out these simple but effective tips that will help marketing agencies generate more leads on Facebook.

Identify Your Target Audiences

As the famous phrase goes: “Marketing to everyone equals marketing to no one.” Don’t waste your time and effort selecting as many categories as possible when defining your audience on Facebook. Targeting more people might seem like a great idea, but not everybody has the characteristics to become a potential customer.

Create personals for your Facebook ad

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Analyze other channels, and then pay attention to demographic data of audiences that you have converted on those channels. Going after decision makers seems to be an obvious tactic, but not necessarily the best. You can also get noticed by targeting decision influencers.  

Create different audiences on Facebook and test. This strategy ensures that you are targeting groups of people who are more likely to convert because they have similar interests. Also, remember to make changes and then exclude those conversions from your audience list once you see results. This will help you to reduce your ad budget and reach people who are more likely to pay attention and convert.

Create Gated Content

The other way agencies can generate leads on Facebook is by using Facebook’s lookalike audience feature to reach potential buyers. The tool allows you to utilize knowledge about demographics to market gated content to the right audiences, and you’re bound to see favorable results.

Checklists, free courses, and e-books are perhaps the most popular types of gated content that produce great conversion rates. You can also offer promo/discount codes, free product trials, access to webinars and much more. We outline 75+ examples of gated content you can use in your next Facebook ad in our free Facebook Ads - Personas tool.

Agencies can generate more leads on Facebook by using gated content.

Once you know what type of gated content you’d like to promote, craft an ad and create your lookalikes audience. This can be done easily by leveraging current demographic information about your targets.

Remember: Lead generation campaigns work best when you offer prospective customers valuable information/content in exchange for their contact details or email address. Grow your email marketing list, and then set up nurturing campaigns to build relationships with prospects and provide more value before you ask to do business with them.

Focus on Design

As a marketer, it's easy to get carried away with numbers and metrics. However, some basics hold true across all platforms. Don't forget to focus on design while creating lead magnets and ads. Match your creative concepts to the information you already have about your customers. Check out this article about Facebook ad design trends for inspiration.

Agencies can generate more leads on Facebook by implementing a creative ad design.

Images are more impactful than text. Images are more memorable, more engaging, and more likely to be shared and re-shared. According to Content Institute, posts with images get 2.3x more engagement on Facebook.

Photos are no longer just a means of capturing
a moment, they are a means of communicating.
— Evan Spiegel, Snapchat Founder

Ensure your message is to the point and focuses on the needs of the customer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new designs to delight your audiences, and then test what works best. Be sure that your design includes familiar features, such as brand colors or a slogan, to connect with your target audience.

Use the tips mentioned above to generate more leads on Facebook for your digital agency. Let us know if this article was helpful, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.