5 Creative Ways Digital Agencies Can Market Themselves

How to market a digital agency


What? Digital marketing agencies are notorious for not doing their own marketing. The reality is, many agencies don’t have time and resources because clients are always a priority.

So what? Be a prime example of how your marketing services help your clients to grow their businesses.

Now what? Start by practicing what you preach. Be active on social media, post educational content on your blog, and share your customers' success stories.

In 2015 the U.S. expenditure on digital advertising was $59.82 billion according to Statista. By 2020 that figure is set to rise to $113.18 billion. Digital agencies are on the front lines assisting brands with how to best spend their marketing dollars in this robust online economy. However, many digital agencies don’t seem to take their own advice they give to their clients. Many are guilty of doing minimal marketing on behalf of their companies. In Wordstream’s Industry report: State of the Internet Marketing Agency 2017 agencies cited their most significant challenges to be managing time (39%) and getting new clients (38%). Well to tackle the latter here are five creative ways to market your digital agency to draw new clients to your business.

1. Trust Signals – Client Testimonials and Case Studies

There are so many digital agencies online professing to be able to offer SEO nirvana and content marketing creative that will see you rise to the top of SERP’s and experience massive conversions. While these claims may well be valid – all potential clients are looking for those trust signals to show they would be in good company. This means that the visitor would need to see client testimonials and logos on your site. The testimonials you choose to put up must say something about what you offer the client and not be a long, vague text amounting to nothing. You will also need to have detailed case studies of jobs you have tackled for clients and the numbers that show the efficacy of the campaign in a visually creative format. If you have any awards, they must be visible (and promoted across all of your social media channels).

2. Search Engine Visibility

If you are telling clients that you will be able to get them top ranking on the search engine results pages with your incredible SEO techniques and online business listings – then they should see evidence of this claim for your agency. If they search online for a digital agency specializing in a particular service or offering – there should be a keyword match to your agency. You’ll need to employ all of the latest keyword tactics like long-tail keywords, LSI keywords, and exact match, relevant and broad term keywords. If you are visible on the search engines, then your claims of getting your clients there will ring true!

3. Become a Thought Leader in Your Niche

Your company blog is the vehicle to draw traffic to your website. Your articles should be relevant and educate or solve a pain point for the visitor. If your content is of the highest quality and gets shared and linked across the net, you can garner an excellent reputation as an ‘industry leader’ in your niche. Guest blogging on other sites also raises your company's profile and offers a great opportunity for a perfect backlink (blog gold!). Submit articles to online publications to further extend your expertise and visibility. Always remember that you need to promote your blogs across all possible channels to increase your agency’s reputation as a resourceful “go to” site for useful information.

4. Be Active on LinkedIn

Get active on LinkedIn. It’s not enough to just have a company profile; you need to join forums and start interacting, commenting, sharing helpful tips and advice, etc. The Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report revealed that LinkedIn is the most valuable platform for B2B marketers. There are over 9 billion content impressions across LinkedIn feeds every week, and you want to be part of that traffic. 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute their content with 80% of B2B leads coming from this social media platform. This is the ideal place to promote your digital agency.

5. Advertise

You are going to be advising your clients on the best digital advertising campaign strategies and implementation. When you know your target market, you can actively advertise in all of the places they are frequenting. You can supply them with the credible information they are looking for online with an eye-catching advertising campaign. What better way to show potential clients how you will advertise for them by launching your impressive creative content?

These are just five ways for digital agencies to market themselves. Every marketing effort must also reveal the agencies inherent creativity and attention-grabbing expertise. Digital agencies have to approach their own business as if they were the client and followed their own excellent advice!

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